NIKAI’s NT 800 is a double free-flow pallet conveyor transport system driven by flat belts, timing belts or accumulation roller chain.
With this one model, we are able to realize operations on the work piece from all 6 possible sides.
This conveyor is specially designed to coordinate the diverse operations, manual or automatic, during assembly or manufacturing.

One of the principal characteristics of the system is its flexibility where in a moment we can realize conveying operations or basic assembly. Later on, and attending to the new needs of clients, NIKAI can provide extensions by means of all the available accessories such transfers, elevators, lifting and positioning stations, turn stations, stoppers, etc.

The mechanical aspect of the system consists of a chassis of extrusioned aluminium (two profiles linked together) in which the upper part supports the conveying components (chain or timing belt) and above this, the pallets with their specific tooling.

For the proper sliding movement for the conveying components (chain or timing belt), the aluminium profiles have attached a yellow ceramic polyethylene material when using chains and a PET support bed when using timing belts.

Variants exist when the drives are in end or central position. In the attached drawing, the different configurations can be observed.

The tooling pallets consist of three parts: the sliding PET’s, the flange and the specific tooling required to move the work piece.
The pallets can be stopped or accumulated by means of stopper units since the chain or the timing belt is not physically joined to the pallets in question.



By means of a continuous advancing gyrating disc (90º, or 180º). It is only necessary the installation of a stopper before the entry of the pallet on to the gyrating disc and a confirmation of exit sensor for this pallet. It is necessary to bear in mind the entry and exit position of the pallet. In this way, the exterior side of the pallet will always be the same in entry and in exit.

By means of pneumatic elevation transfer. Once the pallet comes to the end of the line, the elevator will be activated and the transverse transfer (drive rollers, chain or gear belts) starts working. Once this operation is completed, the elevator will return to the initial position and will leave the pallet on the principal line of return. Unlike the transfer by gyrating disc, this variant needs more elements of control. Bear in mind that the exterior side of the pallet at the entry in the transfer, turns into interior side as the transfer is completed.


By means of elevators, electrical or pneumatic applications, feed conveyor / extraction of pallet by drive rollers, accumulation chain rollers or timing belts and with guided columns and rollers of re-circulating balls. The elevator protection consists of electro-welded metallic mesh treated with polycarbonate. It is necessary to bear in mind the pallet entry and exit position since the head of the pallet becomes the tail as the transfer is completed.


Used when the pallet needs to be stopped and put in a position requiring great precision.


Used when there is needed to turn pallets 90º or 180º.