At NIKAI SYSTEMS we have always wanted to provide the most complete service to our clients.

Over the years we have expanded our catalog of products and services, meeting the needs demanded by the market, which is why our latest commitment has been cybersecurity and the protection of industrial equipment and networks.

With all this, we present the solutions that we will be able to provide to our clients:


It offers an analysis of the situation of the Industrial network from the point of view of cybersecurity, identifying the existing risks and making a complete proposal to treat them in order to reduce the probability of suffering a cybersecurity incident that could stop industrial processes.



It offers a specific solution for the protection of critical or very old industrial equipment, without impacting your production processes. This solution is capable of reducing its exposure surface and protecting the equipment against cyber attacks that occur on the industrial network. The solution incorporates a support service throughout the year, with 24/7 dedication during the first week of deployment.


This service consists of the design and implementation of network segmentation and isolation without impacting production processes, through traffic encryption and masking of vulnerabilities in critical equipment, maintaining the latency times necessary for the equipment to continue functioning. . No problem.

This solution can be implemented in addition to industrial equipment, in order to add layers of protection to it, or develop a complete industrial network transformation plan by adding advanced capabilities. It is a tailored service for each client based on their network infrastructure and industrial processes.


These solutions are adapted to each case and each client, presenting a customized technical proposal