The NT 900 is a free flow conveyor system with a cardan chain and tooling pallets specially developed to co-ordinate the diverse manual or automatic assembly operations or manufacturing. It is ideally suitable when working with mechanized pieces, pieces with sharp edges, cooling and lubricant oils.

One of the principal characteristics of the system is its flexibility where in a moment we can realize conveying operations or basic assembly. Later on, and attending to the new needs of clients, NIKAI can provide extensions by means of all the available accessories such transfers, elevators, lifting and positioning stations, turn stations, stoppers, etc.

The mechanical aspect of the system consists of a chassis of extrusioned aluminium where a metallic guide in the shape of “U” is inserted between chain and the chassis profile. On top of this, the tooling pallets are dragged and accumulated, being prominent the relatively small height (53mm) of the conveyor chassis.

The thermoplastic POM chain is of a material with very good mechanical and thermal properties. It is also characterized by its high resistance, elasticity, and dimensional stability. This material is resistant to a great variety of chemical agents. It also has a low coefficient of friction and is highly resistance to wear. The suitably work temperature is between -40ºC to +90ºC and the chain color is brown.

The tooling pallets consist of three parts: the conveyor chassis, the flange and the specific tooling required to move the work piece. The pallets can be stopped or accumulated by means of stopper units since the chain or the timing belt is not physically joined to the pallets in question.

When conveying high speeds are needed, the pallets are equipped with rubber absorbers to cushion the impacts between them which assures that the work piece position.
NIKAI SYSTEMS conveyors, as is common knowledge, are totally modular and thus need no welding or other material finishes.

NIKAI SYSTEMS offers a wide range of joining elements that can be used for posterior extensions or for the installation of accessories such as guides, stoppers, photoelectric cells etc.