Our NT 400 family consists of several simple or double conveyor systems that can be of timing belts, chain or “o- ring”. Depending on the model, these conveyors can be used to transport various work pieces that can be either in free flow or fixed.

The most common applications for double conveyor models using timing belts are when transfers of pieces or pallets are required. For transport of small pieces, simple conveyors are used.

The models that use chain are ideally suited for the transport of metallic pieces with edges in bulk with the possibility of also incorporating support tooling for the step by step transport of the finished pieces.
The “O- ring” models are used for the transport of small loads where the accumulation of the product is not necessary.

Variants exist concerning the drive location, either located at the end or in central position. The different configurations can be observed in the diagram found in the annex.
NIKAI SYSTEMS conveyors, as is common knowledge, are totally modular and thus need no welding or other material finishes.

NIKAI SYSTEMS offers a wide range of joining elements that can be used for posterior extensions or for the installation of accessories such as guides, stoppers, photoelectric cells etc.