metal rollers from a conveyor

At NIKAI SYSTEMS we understand quality policy as a work routine, and not as a specific event - "quality policy is an investment, not an expense" - That is why we work day by day both with our clients and internally to improve and expand our quality policy, provoking a continuous improvement of our products and services.

We develop a Responsible and Operational Quality Policy based on the following criteria and objectives:

  • Increase the confidence that our clients deposit in the Company.
  • The client's requirements and legal and regulatory requirements have to be assumed and fulfilled by our entire production structure, from the operators to the Manager.
  • Our employees must consider quality as an essential element of their work and its achievement as a continuous improvement of each process. Management is committed to providing employees with the means, training and assistance necessary to achieve the quality required globally and in each individual task.
  • The continuous improvement of the quality of our processes and products is the fundamental instrument for increasing productivity, reducing costs, increasing competitiveness and ensuring an ever-increasing customer satisfaction.
  • We are committed to the implementation of a Quality Management System that ensures compliance with the objectives established under this Quality Policy.
  • Specific Quality Objectives will be fixed annually, coinciding with the Quality Management System Review.


How do we achieve it?


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