Assembly Line Improvement of Vehicle Cylinder Heads in Mexico

Automation of assembly line and assembly of cylinder heads for automobiles.

Models used

  • Chain of rollers (NT 820 26)
  • Lifting and transfer system (NT 600 50)


For both manual and automatic operations on the product, transported on pallet workpiece, in the different workstations, it is opted for accumulator roller chain conveyors (model NT 820 26) and for the transfer system chain conveyors ( Model NT 400 45) with pneumatic lifting system, this allows the optimization of the customer’s home space.

Characteristics of the product to be transported

  • Pallet: 300mm x 600mm
  • Weight: 50kg

Equipment Accessories

  • Photocells
  • Stoppers to make stops in the different jobs and / or realize accumulation of pallets along the route
  • Security enclosure
  • Safety guards

One of the priorities that we work on NIKAI SYSTEMS every day is in the security systems of our teams. We design, assemble and equip our equipment with safety systems to avoid accidents during the manufacturing and assembly processes.