Automation of a machining line

Automation of a machining line for car engine liners

Employed models

    • Articulated chain conveyor (Model NT 300)
    • Dosing lung with rotation disc (Model NT 760 10)
    • Pneumatic system to knock down the pieces.

The turnkey project carried out consists of multiple automated lines with articulate chain conveyors, which communicates the different machining centers, from pick up point to fully mechanized.


Characteristics of the product to be transported

    • Piece:              240 mm x 110 Ø
    • Weight:           2 kg


Equipment accessories

    • Laser diameter.
    • Electric cabinet.
    • Installation of electric and pneumatic field.
    • Security systems.
    • Pneumatic positioning system for the parts.
    • Positioning system for collecting pieces.
    • Metal detector.
    • Tray collects liquids.