FOAM curing line for car headrests.

Manufacture and commissioning of a foam headrest line for car headrests.

Conveyor system was developed so each of the headrest was a minimum of 1 hour on the conveyor curing the foam. That way when the headrest is removed from the line, it is fully ready to be mounted in the vehicle seat.

Turnkey project. Scope of supply

NT 900Cardan chain conveyor

  • NT 910 20 – Double drive unit
  • NT 950 20 – Pneumatic sttopers
  • NT 950 30 – Skids with tooling

Characteristics of the product to convey

  • Automovile headrest
  • Dimensions of the pallet: 300 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 5 Kg (heardrest + skid + tooling)

Accesories for the installation

  • Electric field installation
  • Pneumatic sttopers to stop at the different working stations and/or accumulate skids along the conveyors
  • Auxiliary work tables.
  • Lighting
  • Security enclosure.
  • Programming
  • Electric cabinet