New Delegation in Mexico

We are pleased to inform you about an exciting upgrade of our services in Mexico. In order to enhance and expand our presence in the Mexican market, we have established a strategic partnership with a new distributor in the country.

Starting this June, 2024, DISTRIBUIDORA OSUKA will be our official partner for the distribution of our products throughout Mexico. This alliance will allow us to offer a more efficient service, with better delivery times and greater availability of our products.

Our new distributor has a strong track record and an extensive distribution network, ensuring that you will be able to access our products more quickly and conveniently. We are confident that this partnership will bring numerous benefits to our customers, including:

  • Increased product availability. Through an improved and expanded distribution network.
  • Improved delivery times. Thanks to optimised logistics and strategically located distribution centres.
  • Closer customer service. With a team dedicated to answering your questions and meeting your specific needs.

For any further questions and information, we invite you to contact our new distributor by phone at +52 55.1331.9914, by email at or through their website

We appreciate your continued support and confidence in our products. We are committed to continue improving to offer you always the best.

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