Assembly Lines For Modern Day Automobiles

In the 21st century, industries are moving towards maximum automation. Almost all processes are improved to be fully or partially automated in order to increase efficiency and reduce the cost. Automobile industries have also, in particular, improved their automation cycles by integrating robots in their manufacturing and assembly procedures.  Today, they are continuing to explore …

High Speed accumulation roller chain conveyot

High Speed roller chain conveyor

    From NIKAI SYSTEMS we want to present our new design of high speed accumulation roller chain conveyor for pallets. Model NT 880 10 This type of conveyor can reach speeds of up to 50m / min, with pallets with a capacity of 100Kg / pallet transported on a closed chain. It is designed …

We are back

Nikai Systems S.L. is proud to announce our new website and organization. We will be expanding to new heights in the following months, so keep connected!