Electrical cabinet assembly line

Assembly line for electrical cabinets. For this project a line of roller conveyors (model NT 200) was used, as well as a lifting system (NT 600) and a chain transfer unit (model NT 600).

The electrical cabinets enter into the line by automatic guided vehicle (AGV), depositing the electrical cabinet in the first workstation, from there the cabinet goes through the different workstations till electrical cabinet is fully completed, from where it is also extracted by the AGV.

Models used

Characteristics of the product to be transported

  • Electrical panels
  • Weight: 2,2 Tones
  • Dimensions: 3m (lenght) x 1m (width)

Equipment accesories

  • Security protections
  • Electric panels
  • Electric field installation
  • Neumatic field installation
  • PLC programming