Package shorting line

Transport line for a logistics plant. In this project next models were use: a line of belt conveyors (model NT 100), accumulating roller conveyors (model NT 200), both gravity and motorized and package double diverter (model NT 600)

The boxes are loaded in the line through several belt conveyors which separate the boxes, which are directed to roller conveyors and tha package double diverter, select each package towards its final destination line or to the rejection line.

It is an automated system where only personnel are required in each of the target destinations. The entire destination selection process is performed by bar code readers.

Model used

Characteristics of the product to be transported

  • Packages boxes
  • Different volumens and weight

Equipment accesories

  • Electric field installation
  • Pneumatic field installation
  • Safeties
  • Curves with rollerdrives
  • Electric cabinet

Video at client facilities

Video at NIKAI SYSTEMS facilities