Supply Chain

The supply chain is an essential component for the success of a company handling physical products. In the process, intralogistics plays a vital role, ensuring that goods move efficiently within the company’s facilities. This area has been revolutionised by industrial automation, which enables faster workflow, reducing errors and operating costs.

Automated machines and systems, from robots to intelligent conveyors, manage and optimise the storage, handling and transport of pallets, which are essential for large-scale goods handling.

The picking process, where items are picked and prepared for shipment, has benefited greatly from automation. Sophisticated systems can now identify, pick and pack specific products with unmatched accuracy and speed, which previously required hours of manual labour.

In addition, automation in pallet transport within the facility ensures that products arrive at the right place for shipment, optimising space and time.

Off-site, the supply chain extends to external transport, where the logistics of delivering products to customers or points of sale remains key. Here, efficiency, timeliness and the ability to adapt to changing market demands determine the ultimate success of the company’s supply chain.




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